Faithitarian Living

  •  We are Modern Christian Women that invest in health, wellness, and God.
  •  We do not seek the approval of man but instead seek God in all areas of our
  • life.
  •  We make time, not excuses, for what’s truly important and we don’t complain
  • but we live in Victory through Christ.
  •  We seek Whole Self Living and not just Whole Food.
  •  We believe in living a balanced life: mind, body and spirit and are disciplined
  • and do not fall to temptation because we can do all things through Christ who
  • strengthens us.
  •  We pray each day and spend time with God and develop a relationship with
  • Him so we can hear Him.
  •  We understand that temporary fixes don’t fix so we are committed to creating
  • sustainable life changes that help us grow in body, soul & spirit.
  •  We don’t doubt, instead we are confident in our abilities and that being disciplined
  • produces peace and right living.
  •  We love, and we strive to love our neighbors as ourselves which is God’s greatest
  • commandment.
  •  We are a community of strong Christian women and we provide accountability
  • to one another in a secure and safe environment. We understand we don’t have
  • to do it all alone, we are here for each other.
  •  We believe that food is medicine and that it can either heal or cause harm – we
  • choose healing.
  •  We don’t obsess over what is out of our control, we give that to our Creator.
  •  We choose to bless our bodies with whole foods, making the best choices possible
  • for ourselves and our families.
  •  We are committed to learning and educating ourselves and no longer believe
  • the lies that the media and other marketers throw at us. We read labels!
  •  We take life one day at a time and we are determined to not give up or run.
  • When it comes to fight or flight, we choose to fight.
  •  We help each other learn to let go and let God.
  •  We understand that our bodies were made to move and we will take care of
  • our bodies with this understanding.
  •  We understand Rome wasn’t built in a day and that it takes time to create
  • healthy habits. Life is a Marathon not a sprint.
  •  We understand that thoughts become actions, actions become habits, and
  • habits become lifestyle. We choose to keep our thoughts positive. We treat our
  • minds and bodies with love and respect.
  •  We are grateful and will live boldly understanding that being grateful is a
  • choice.
  •  We don’t make excuses why we can’t, instead we do something about it and
  • celebrate why we can. We are victorious in this thinking.
  •  We understand that quick, easy, cheap and fake has not served us in the past
  • and will not serve us as we move forward to better health.
  •  We understand that a toned body without a heart that’s been set free, can and
  • will still fall short of temptation in all forms.
  •  We have no more guilt, shame or blame, we are living as God has perfectly created
  • us.
  •  We are complete through Christ but understand that also means we must take
  • action and define our priorities and be clear on what’s most important.
  •  We are Faithitarians, and believe in a lifestyle approach that encompasses
  • whole food and healthy living with faith at the core.
  •  We are Jesus Strong!
Personal Convenant
Before we begin this journey together, you need to make a few promises to yourself.
This Personal Covenant is for you, and for you alone. Sign it as you would any
contract you make with yourself and God. Rely on these words as you go through
this course and beyond.
  •  I don’t diet.
  •  I don’t count calories.
  •  I don’t obsess over my body.
  •  I don’t believe in quick fixes.
  •  I believe in health at any size.
  •  I believe God loves me unconditionally.
  •  I will live in the present, not the past or the future.
  •  I will put God first in all things..
  •  I will be proactive and not reactive so U no longer fall victim to eating whatever is in from of me.
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